Advanced functions

The features you have seen so far are pretty cool. You can make nice games with them but the graphics you get will not be really impressive. Besides, you will get problems with the frame rate if you do not know about tricks to optimize your game. With the techniques described in the part for advanced users you can make amazing graphics and giant levels. But you should not move on to the part for advanced users if you haven't understood the stuff in the part for novice users yet. It's the basic knowledge for the advanced stuff.

Some things you will learn in the next tutorials are easier than you may think (for example the parallax and bump mapping), while others are really complicated (e. g. learning how to program shader effects). But for all these things Ultimate 3D offers interfaces that are as easy to use as possible. Most of the work is done by Ultimate 3D, you just have to tell it what you want. And now have fun while learning how to make incredible graphics ;) .

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