Epilogue - Written by MysteriXYZ

Why you should read this manual thoroughly...

So you've played around a bit with Ultimate 3D, but unfortunately, you've stumbled upon a problem you just can not solve. Oh what to do? The Ultimate 3D forum is probably the first thing that springs to mind. And we would indeed encourage you to become a member of our nice community, as that is the best place to help each other out with all things related to Ultimate 3D. And after all the brainstorming, you can even chill out in our fun-filled off-topic section.

But if your only reason to sign up is to get some quick answers that you can easily find within these chapters anyway, then do not be surprised if you do not make a good impression there.

Alright, so you prefer having the community members on your good side, but having to wade through pages and pages of dry text is not exactly your idea of having fun. Luckily, there's the function list you can browse through, and there's bound to be something in there that looks like it might be the solution to your problem. So you read a particular function description and come to the conclusion it's just what you needed. Oh yeah, some things were mentioned that you did not quite understand - probably explained in a previous chapter or something - but that would just distract you from what you're trying to accomplish right now, so that can wait. Full of enthusiasm you try it out and... oops, something is going horribly wrong. That has to be a bug! Upset, you log on to the forum and because you want to share your disappointment with everyone, you start a new topic and demand to know what's going on. After a couple of enlightening replies, you realize that it would have been simpler (and less embarrassing) to just read those extra bits of information in this manual.

Just keep in mind that in the time it takes to come up with new excuses not to read this help file, you could have read one more chapter... ;) . A good understanding of this documentation can make you go a long way in efficiently using Ultimate 3D. Now go and have some great fun with one of the easiest to use 3D engines you're likely ever to encounter!

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